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Where do I stand?

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Diversity and Equity

Diversification starts with the various generations, from the Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Zs and Ys, ensuring all generations perspectives are considered. As a business owner who works globally, I have been  inspired by the rich culture that is present in Brampton.  I appreciate the vast diversification and it is this reason I choose to live and work in Brampton, supporting community by embracing our rich cultural.   


Accountability of the city and politicians needs to be addressed with an emphasis on more accountability for their jobs and commitments to the taxpayer.  Whether we like it or not, politics is a wheel of people and circumstances. I will continue to participate within our community, ensuring the values, we as the residents and communities, adhere to. We all need to pay our fair share for our services, but the waste and irresponsibility needs to stop.

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