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Encampments Downtown


Social Hub

MY GOAL - To initiate a fresh dialogue and transition toward a more effective solution for Brampton.

Social Hub
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Tell me what you think – Downtown Brampton Encampments Next steps - focusing on the encampments. I would like to delegate to City Council on the re-allocation of the $6.8 million tennis club project to a Social Hub.

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Renderings - NOT EXACT

Proposed Site - NEW Tennis Courts $6.8 million
Entrance off Union Street or Church Street

A Social Hub

Re-allocating the purpose of the NEW tennis dome project, located off Union Street beside the YMCA & Tennis club.  Repurpose this space to a Social Hub


Objective of a Social Hub is to offer a safe and healthy transition.

A Social Hub will provide a space to the various non-profit groups who offer trained, professional community services, allowing these organizations to coordinate and run all social programs needed to help the homeless in one central local area. A Social Hub would provide an area for individuals to obtain documents such as a SIN card or health card.  Opportunity to coordinate safely with support staff, provide lockers to house personal property. A space that supports application access, job postings, volunteer opportunities and or community support. 

This new tennis dome project has already been approved, and whether the community agrees with the project, Council has determined the $6.8 million is needed for a public enclosed tennis court.  Many residents do not agree, and would perfer re-allocating this pre-approved project.   If approved by COUNCIL this can SOLUTION can fast track next steps and provide the opportunity for concrete action by re-allocating the project to serve the immediate needs in a housing crisis.

Business Case - Social Hub will be positioned on City Land – Region will act as the tenant.

  • Temporary solution – will not impact the capital investment from the city.

  • No food just services provided by trained social workers and support staff

  • Social hub will enhance support to local churches by encouraging individuals away from their properties, by offering one designated area of services, adding to their fantastic support.

  • As the City has provided security guards for the encampments, these resources can be re-allocated to maintain community safety. 

  • As we are a two-tier system,  the $ 6.8 million  was allocated from capital expenditures to Parks and Recreation – continue the development and timeline however once completed, re-purpose  for 365 days, there is no loss to the community for the investment. The tennis dome is an add on to existing inventory of parks and recreation: delaying this to the community is a net loss. 

  • Use the operational costs in the budget that would be allocated to the project and charge them back to the Region.  

  • This Social Hub now creates an opportunity to start the process of actual relocation of individuals as the city and the region continue to focus on permanent housing strategies.  

  • As the Region of Peel is the level of local government responsible for staffing and services/supports for our homeless population.   The operational costs (hydro/water/maintenance) would be charged back to the region. 

  • The Region would retain the financial responsibility for staff/services/supports; and the operational costs charged back to them by the City. 

  • A social hub will not cost taxpayers further capital investment for this funding has been approved.


I have had the pleasure of working with various individuals with the Region of Peel, regarding senior’s care.  However I have observed, there  are many services and current  funding options not being properly utilized – simply because of access.

As I listened to Mayor Brown at the Brampton Board of Trade awards dinner, I heard him speak of the investments being made in the city from companies, builders, and the economic development division.  I want to remind council investing  in people is part of that big picture.  

NEXT STEPS:  Present to Council for Approval - Date to be announced

The Region of Peel will be holding additional meetings.

Contact the Region of Peel   1-877-848-8481

Let’s Work Together

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I need your support at Council to advocate your concerns and ensure they are given due consideration. While I am currently running as a candidate for the Federal Conservatives in Brampton Centre, I remain deeply committed to our community. Whether or not I win the nomination, I will continue serving as the President of CARP and managing my firm. As your neighbor, let us collaborate and work together for the betterment of our downtown area and our community at large.

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