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October 2022 I ran for City Council, I lost but  what a ride that was. I learned so much. Specifically, I love politics. As I walked the campaign trail and listened to you, it was clear how much people hated the current councillors. I am amazed at your comments of distrust, dislike and rage. I felt your anger. That said everything to me; it is time for real change.


The facts: She won 36.4% of the vote, with only five people running. Two people were decoys to split the vote.

In the last election, she won 41.34% of the vote and had 11 people in the race, plus it was open seat. As well, fewer people voted this year. Her results may have caused her to win, but at what cost? She has lost support: numbers don't lie.


I believe in community. You – me – my neighbour, and I know none of her behaviour is sustainable; all of that will fall one day. It is possible she heard you, and she will do a better job for us - the taxpayer. She knows she is a civil servant that is accountable to you.

I learned so much on this journey, and I can tell you this to be true: I am a better person for running in this election. I know myself better; rejection is a "word." I love to speak my mind: as I say, I lay my cards on the table. I say 'No' more, I stand up for myself, I agree to disagree, and I do not compare myself to anyone. I have a NO ASS-HOLE rule, and I don't give a buck about drama. I believe in honesty, community, helping others and living my best life.


So, I am NOT going away. I will build this over the next four years so more of you will know me.

If you want to help me, please share my website,, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and signup for my newsletter. Yes, I will be mailing an old fashion newsletter four times a year, FREE.


Thank you for the love you all share. Specifically, the lady who stopped in her car to hug me, the man who came by my home to tell me how proud he was of me, and the family who blew me kisses across the street as we walked by the bus stop. My daughter for telling me I am a better mother and my son for telling me, I am a true leader. This is everything, that is my WHY. I hear all of you, I have never quit anything; why would I start now?

My team starts with you, and we can change our city together. Thank you, my friend. Shall we work on this together?

"I've got a woman's ability to stick to a job and get on with it when everyone else walks off and leaves it."

Margaret Thatcher

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