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As we move into 2023 what is happening! 

For start, I am suing Patrick Brown and city council.

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Have a listen...


Thank you so very much to the supporters of my sock campaign.

CUPE831, Brampton four Corners Library and  Rowntree School 

Together we collected over 385 pairs for teh Downtown Community!

We may have met already..

I may have crossed paths with you at Cobra SWIM club or through the swim programs at Parks & Recreation, maybe we saw each other at rep baseball game or sat to listen to the Central Peel Strings Program:  I am a proud mother of two children and my family was raised in Bramalea.


I currently live Downtown Brampton, maybe you answered the door for I was a volunteer driver for Brampton Meals on Wheels for 15 years.

Either way, I understand the issues, for 34 years my heart and soul has been in Brampton. 




You may know me from my                               I am a perfumer, and my thirty-year career has been focused on the connection between essential oils and mental health. 


Possibly you came across my books for I am a local author, I support our Brampton libraries.

It is possible you came to my opening scent event, Euphoria, held at PAMA ( Peel Arts Gallery Museum + Archives).  As an artist, I value art.  Art must be the reason not the afterthought.


I love


Maybe you found me at the farmers market showcasing Canadian made products. Either way - I am a International businesswoman with a solid track record of community support.


If you have visited the downtown in the last four years, you may have discovered a boutique called The Scented L’air in which I sold essential oils, Teas from Newfoundland, taught classes and highlighted other local vendors such as our candle maker, or Amanda Busby local artist, THIS HAS BEEN MY LEGACY ... I have been supporting local BRAMPTON my entire adult life.

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